Pricing Plans

How much does the Vital Guest PMS cost monthly?

That’s right, zip, zilch, nada to you.
We don’t believe in monthly fees, so we partner with you.
We only get paid when you get paid. Period.
Best value


per user, per month
Kick your workflow up a notch with this professional plan.
  • Basic Features
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Priorty Support
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  • Premium Hosting

Why no monthly fees?

Simple, we add a fee on customer folios called an “Admin Fee” or a “Resort Fee”.

Why would we do this? Because we believe in partnering with our customers to help them be as successful as possible.

Since we only make money when you do, this means we're focused on increasing your bookings and revenues as much as possible.
  • 10GB storage
  • 4 users
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  • Support forum
  • Free hosting


per month
Built for properties of all sizes.
Includes a resort fee per reservation room night passed onto the guests
  • Full features included
  • No monthly costs
    Most features are included at no additional charge, however some features have a monthly fee
  • 24/7 Live chat support
  • Unlimited Reservations

How much do features & integrations cost?

Just like everything else with Vital Guest, almost all integrations are included at no additional cost to you.

Because we only make money when you do, we want your property to be a revenue generating machine.

That’s why we believe it’s in our best interest to provide every advantage to you, so we provide as many features and integrations as we can completely free of charge.

EMV Payment Processing
OTA Channel Management
Online Booking Engine

Customers love the speed and flexibility of Ollie.

Explore Case Studies
Adam Pearce
We had all sorts of problems around motivation and productivity from our smallest scrums to our largest teams. Ollie helped us rise above all and conquer.
Sally Robson
Product support comes first when we are considering a new service. Do yourself a favour and choose Ollie, we have found the support to be second to none.
James Hillier
It's hard to overstate how useful Ollie has been to our business. Kudos to the team - I'm speechless.
Debra D
I was already in love with the product, but the after-sales support was what sealed the deal for me!
Christopher C
I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the template for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our business's website!
Sam Kent
When I saw how easy it was to copy and paste the sections I was sold. Ollie has everything we needed and more to create a site for our client – we will be repeat users for sure.
Karina Ho
Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations.
Clara Walsh
We've been using it to quickly build sites for clients, then customising quickly via the style guide. It's SOOOOOO easy.

We’re Making Reservation Management More Efficient

Most PMS companies charge you the same monthly fee whether you have bookings or not. That means whether you have 100% occupancy or 0%, you’re still paying the same amount everything month. If you’re a seasonal business, that could mean you’re starting off your busy season in the red.

Because they collect that monthly fee whether you have bookings or not, they are not incentivized to make their product any better than “it works”.

We believe there’s a better way.

By ensuring that we only make money when you do, we’re incentivized to make our product as easy to use and efficient as possible. In other words, when we can increase your bookings, we can increase our earnings, and that’s a win win.

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