At hotels, breakfast is the most important meal of the day

1 in 3 travelers believe the food & beverage outlets at a hotel is what makes the experience memorable. Combine this statistic with a new survey finding that 65% of Americans would choose a hotel if they served a complimentary breakfast, and you have a recipe to get your hotel noticed. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We agree. And here is why:

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According to SevenRooms, a data-driven hospitality platform, 65% of Americans would choose a hotel if they served a complimentary breakfast. For boutique hotels trying to create a competitive advantage or identify a channel through which to increase revenue, breakfast can be more than just a free gimmick to buy loyalty. Dedicating food & beverage operations to breakfast can drive growth in 3 powerful ways.

Huge Growth Potential

First, breakfast is the one segment that has shown huge growth potential compared to overall sales. In October of 2015, McDonalds launched all-day breakfast. The fast food giant needed a way to counter declining domestic sales and had identified that breakfast still showed the highest growth potential. McDonald’s breakfast sales increased 5% over the previous year while their other sales had increased only by 1%. Despite what your own personal dining tastes may be, the numbers don’t lie. For a hotel, breakfast has the highest potential to capture their guests’ attention because their guests are already on property. Attracting a dining TO your restaurant for a meal is difficult. But when your diner is ALREADY a guest, the chances of them breaking their fast in a nearby venue goes up significantly. Once you have captured your diner’s attention, now is when you can profit the most.

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High Profitability

Second, breakfast items can be highly profitable; especially egg menu items. An egg costs roughly $.12 per egg for a food venue. The price for an a la carte egg on the Denny’s menu is $1.89. That is a 566% markup.  For specialty omelettes that have only two eggs and a handful of other minimal ingredients, the COST is less than $4. At a specialty cafe in a swanky boutique hotel, that omelette can command a whopping price upwards of $15. And the special bonus is that egg dishes are super easy to make; meaning, no ‘Chef De Cuisine’ needed. This affects your labor costs significantly when operating a restaurant outlet late at night to cater to the night owl crowd.

Guests Love It

Finally, breakfast is great to eat any time of day. Another fun statistic that SevenRooms’ food and beverage case study revealed was that 38% of hotel guests would stay at a hotel when there is a restaurant open late. This is one type of outlet you don’t see too often. Offering a late night dining outlet can capitalize on both profitability and growth potential. If you search your own life experience I am positive you will remember numerous occasions that you found yourself enjoying breakfast after a late night at a nightclub or event with friends. Boutique hotels can promote their late night dining outlet to hot spots around their location to draw in those late night diners looking to unwind after mingling and dancing. Added bonus, your hotel patrons could also be among this late night crowd. Now they can dine at your facilities twice in one day.

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Boutique hotels have unique amenity offerings with their own personalized flair. With breakfast being such a draw, high profit potential and proven growth in sales, a late night breakfast facility may be one of the best investments in a unique amenity that a boutique hotel can make.

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