5 Unique Amenities to make your Boutique Hotel stand out

Boutique hotels have grown in popularity over the past decade and they come in all shapes and sizes. Characteristically, boutique hotels have an individualistic personality connected with modern decor and trendy food and beverage offerings. They are also pet friendly and consist of less than 100 rooms. Boutique hotels offer innovative amenities as part of the experience and are what stands out most to their guests. They are an experience that caters to the individual’s personality and lifestyle. So, for those up-and-coming boutique hoteliers out there, here is a list of 5 unique amenity offerings to set your hotel apart from the rest.

Outdoor Eating Space  

(Monteverdi Hotel by Ilaria Miani, Photography by: Bernard Touillon)

Food and beverage amenities is the number one differentiator between properties. Besides the menu, the ambiance and scenery of an outlet should inspire a repeat visit. Unique outdoor spaces such as rooftop bars, underground tasting rooms, vineyards, etc. are seen as a special experience for travelers and are almost expected at a boutique hotel.

If you have some green space that you just can’t figure out what to do with, consider a covered veranda surrounded with fruit trees, subtly-sweet smelling flowers, and an open landscape view. Your guests may only want to enjoy a quick bite but they may linger for the scenic tranquility. 

Spa & Salt Baths

(Monteverdi Tuscany Spa by Ilaria Miani, Photography by: Bernard Touillon)

Spa retreats are synonymous with “relaxing weekend getaway”. Regardless of whether you can boast award-winning mud masks or if you just have one hell of a view from your private outdoor tuscan-style treatment rooms, a spa is an attraction that doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of gender or whether you are alone or in a group, spas provide relaxation for any interested party. 

With the changing of personal pampering tastes, as well as the push for work-life balance, spas are growing in their popularity as regular parts of self-help habits and rewards for personal accomplishments. Capitalize on this growing trend and identify your hotel as a holistically relaxing environment. 

Library or Bookstore 

(Chongqing Zhongshuge Bookstore / X+Living | ArchDaily)

Boutique hotels are usually known for their unique environments while also blending into their surroundings. And what is more unique than a quaint and cozy book nook filled with classics to help you escape and unwind after a day of travel? How about a bookstore?

Take the interior design of your hotel and extend it to a combined retail space and lounge area. Not only will you cater to your guests’ intellectual curiosity, but you may very well draw in some of the passing foot traffic. The bookstore can be both an attraction and advertisement to the local public, while also providing a surprisingly comfortable amenity to your current hotel guests.


Running Track and Outdoor Activities Area 

(Icade Parcs d'Affaires by Saguez & Partners, Photography by: Vincent Gelly)

Travelers today are health conscious and include fitness in their daily life; even when traveling. Transition a rooftop or medium to large outdoor space into a running track. It is understandable that square footage would be an issue for some properties. But, this kind of facility would not need to monopolize a full scale footprint. Offering a space as simple as a 200 meter track for laps and sprints will enhance their fitness experience while enjoying the sun, fresh air and scenery.

Additionally, if your target demographic includes families and pets, this kind of facility can easily incorporate a dog park or a playground as part of the interior of the track. Regardless of which you choose, incorporating outdoor amenities with your guest’s primary values will go a long way in making your hotel a part of their regular travel schedule.

Movie Room  

(Photography by HGTV)

Entertainment is a main attraction for the hotel and lodging industry. A hotel’s primary goal is to get “heads in beds”. By providing an entertainment venue and movie room for your guests, your hotel is now able to capitalize on a “lazy night in”. Stock a rotating selection of recent AND classic movies, and you can easily compete with outside entertainment options. After capturing your audience, upsell your food and drink amenities by combining a gourmet menu selection with an elegant beverage list. Make a classic film come to life and capture your guests’ hearts.


Boutique hotels have strong personalities. Mingling the natural beauty of your hotel’s decor with unique amenities will greatly enhance your guests’ experience. As boutique hotels cater to the individualistic clientele, make sure your amenities are a competitive advantage that entice your guests to come back again and again.




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